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All of our training is delivered via webinars and The Executive Coaching University Online Training Center.

In the training center you find discussion groups, class materials, webinars, assignments, and more!

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Fully Accredited Programs

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ICF Accredited for CCE Hours! We are proud to have earned the CCE (Continuing Coaching Education Provider) designation from ICF. Our CMEC Program qualifies for 15 Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEU).

hrci seal small50We are honored to have been Certified by SHRM’s HR Certification Institute. The CMEC has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit. Earn 15 hours of SHRM recertification credits!

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The Art & Science of Coaching Executives

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Success is shattering the wonderful life many executives thought they were building. They are dynamic, affluent, high achievers AND they are losing the very things they hold most dear… their families, their health, and their peace of mind.

The secrets top earners in the coaching field have discovered are revealed in this dynamic multimedia program. You learn how to blend specific techniques and artful subtleties that produce dramatic results for your clients and lead to huge monetary rewards for you. The knowledge you gain in this program will enable you to charge higher fees and enjoy longer term clients.

  • Learn the specific coaching techniques that gain the attention and respect of high paying executive clients.
  • Demystify the “art” of Executive Coaching and understand the subtle nuances that make all the difference.
  • Discover and decipher the secret language of “executive speak” and how to use it to open the doors to big clients.
  • Go inside the head of an executive and learn how they think and what they’re likely to want AND need.
  • Administer proven techniques that will lead to greater coaching success and MORE MONEY!
  • Demonstrate tangible “return on investment” data to your clients and prospects that your coaching delivers.
  • Learn the truth about 360° assessments and how to uncover the “Executives’ Disease.”

Who Is This Program For?

  • Established coaches looking to add executive clients to their coaching practice and Executive Coaches seeking to become extraordinarily successful.
  • The program includes a comprehensive 112-page manual in an attractive 3-ring binder, plus three audio CDs.

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"Many of my own thoughts about coaching and leadership are in complete alignment with yours. In particular, the whole notion that the word 'coaching' does not really do justice to what in reality is carried out and required by the business executive today. "

Terry Tudor
Calgary Alberta Canada

" I work with a number of executives and you are providing great additional 'arrows for my quiver.' Thank you for sharing—so freely—your knowledge and expertise as we act as EMTs for not only executives but also ourselves."

Lynn Workman Nodland, Ph.D., PCC
Excelsior, Minnesota


"Thank you so much for sharing not only what you have learned and are now sharing with your clients, but for sharing your heart as well."

Karin Syren
Streamwood, Illinois


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