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All of our training is delivered via webinars and The Executive Coaching University Online Training Center.

In the training center you find discussion groups, class materials, webinars, assignments, and more!

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ICF Accredited for CCE Hours! We are proud to have earned the CCE (Continuing Coaching Education Provider) designation from ICF. Our CMEC Program qualifies for 15 Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEU).

hrci seal small50We are honored to have been Certified by SHRM’s HR Certification Institute. The CMEC has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit. Earn 15 hours of SHRM recertification credits!

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Are you…
An Executive who would like to improve your coaching skills?
A Manager who would like to elevate your career by learning how to coach others?
An HR professional who desires to learn a proven coaching process?
A Coach looking to move up to coaching executives?

RE Master

For coaches ready to earn a solid six-figure income,
enjoy higher quality clients, and have more time and freedom.

Would You Like to Coach Executives with Total Confidence and
Raise Your Coaching Practice to a New Level of Affluence and Professionalism?

....To: .All Coaches and Executives
From: .A. Drayton Boylston - Author, Mentor, and former Fortune 100 Executive

Dear Friend,

capcan you imagine needing to be saved from an enormously successful life? Nice problem to have, right? It hardly seems possible that someone living this kind of life would need anything from anyone, much less coaching from us.

Success is shattering the wonderful life many executives thought they were building. They are dynamic, affluent, high achievers AND they are losing the very things they hold most dear... their families, their health, and their peace of mind.

Good coaches—who know and understand the special needs of executives—are desperately needed to provide coaching to this under served market.

Fortune 100 Executive Reveals the Truth

You would think reaching your goal of becoming a top executive in a respected firm earning a six or seven figure salary would be incredibly satisfying. After all, you have the $1 million+ luxury home in the gated suburban community. You and your spouse are bona fide members of the exclusive country club. Your children go to the best private schools, and you drive a sporty, luxury automobile.

I can tell you from experience, the "executive good life" is not what it's cracked up to be. Why?

There's "keeping up with the Jones's" in the gated county club community. The neighbors across the street just bought brand new matching Mercedes. Private school tuition is going up again and one of the kids needs braces. Plus, there's the new tuxedo and evening gown needed to impress their peers at the charity ball next week.

The sad part is these executives aren't home all that much anyway to really care what the neighbors think. They prefer to escape to their office "sanctuary." They drive in to the office before daybreak and don't get back until after the kids are in bed at night.

Truth be known... this is not what executives envision"success" should be like. Sure, they dream about the corner office on the top floor. They can't wait to be making the big deals and calling the tough shots. They are born to do this and honestly believe the reward is living the "rich life."

What I Know That Can Help You

Why should you listen to me? As a former Fortune 100 Executive who redefined and redesigned his life after a near-death experience, I can tell you—without a doubt—you are desperately needed to help rescue executives from the lives they have created.

I was rescued from very similar circumstances as the ones described above. And it literally saved my life.

Here is just a little of my background. You'll get a feel for the kind of life I was living:

  • President (prior to age 40) and major shareholder of one of the oldest privately held high tech equipment leasing companies (a former Xerox company).

  • Vice President for Dana Commercial Credit (division of Dana Corporation, a Fortune 100 firm and winner of the Malcolm Baldridge Award in 1996).

  • Established (true start up) and led $100MM. high tech division for Copelco Capital, a division of Itochu Corporation (3rd largest revenue producer in world).

  • Forged $100MM. joint venture with a leading Wall Street investment firm.

  • 10 year volunteer at University Hospital Pediatrics Dialysis Unit.

You see? I was your typical Alpha Dog executive scratching and clawing my way to the top... no matter what the cost. As it turns out, the cost would have been losing my life and my family.

What Most Executive Coaches Don't Know

What most Executive Coaches don't know is killing their clients! This is a pretty harsh statement so let me explain...

When I first began coaching executives I looked to see how other coaches did their work. I attempted to emulate what they were doing. I had been in the corporate world for many years. I had shot up through the ranks quickly. This was a piece of cake!

I knew what it took to be successful (or, at least, I thought I did) and most coaches I observed were acting as "enablers" helping executives get what they thought they wanted.

This made me a perfect candidate to be an Executive Coach. Trouble was it wasn’t working.

I didn’t want to return to a 70-80 hour a week. I knew I couldn’t survive in what I considered the corporate "rat race.” More importantly, I didn’t want to live that lifestyle again.

What I learned taught me what I had before was no life, at all. Not for my wife, not for my kids, not for my friends. And certainly not for me!

I had discovered the life I really wanted and wasn’t about to lose it again by being sucked back into the “corporate vortex.”

And that’s when it hit me.

The Solution is Simple But Not Easy

The other Executive Coaches I had been studying were coaching in a way that didn’t work for me. What I came to realize is that it didn’t really work for their executive clients either.

Sure, some coaching is better than no coaching. After all, these weren’t bad coaches. In fact, some were pretty well-known and highly regarded.

I discovered what was missing in the coaching they were providing… the key element that would make all the difference in the world for their executive clients. In a nutshell, they needed to be saved from the lives they had created!

It wasn’t so much about coaching professionals that happen to be executives. It was all about coaching executives professionally. Here is what I mean…

Getting executives to better cope with the life they have already have isn’t the solution. That’s like changing the color of paint being used to paint the executive into the corner office they don’t really value anymore.

The solution is easy to see but requires an entirely different tact. It’s about mounting an executive rescue.

Rich Rewards for
Bringing Executives Back to Life

"Every once in a while in our lives appears someone we are blessed by knowing; who in no small way, somehow has touched our spirit, hearts or minds; and we feel we've come upon a real treasure. Drayton, your program has already enhanced my life and my clients' lives. You've set a new standard for me in the coaching world.”

Kristina Tomczak
Clearwater, Florida

Life Preserver Red

You can be richly rewarded for bringing your clients back to life... a life they always intended to live but couldn't until now. The average Executive Coaching engagement is 4X that of life coaching and commands twice the hourly fee.


With the careful guidance you receive in the Rescued Executive™ you have the tools and proven methodology to revive your clients and earn a great living. After years of rescuing countless executives, I am sharing these proven methods so you can help save your clients and dramatically improve your life - NOW!

If you happen to be an executive reading this you are to be commended for having the self-awareness that your life could be much better. You’re on the inside catching a glimpse of how Executive Coaches are making a major difference.

With what you find here you are well on your way to accomplishing a self-rescue. You are pulling back the curtain on the coaching process used to resuscitate executives. You are also reviving values-based corporate leadership... something that is sorely needed right now.

Three Key Life Saving and
Life Changing Coaching Methods

It's one thing to save executives from the lives they have created. It quite another to coach them into the lives they really want to live.

Here are the instruction manuals to guide you through the procedures. It takes practice and perseverance to become effective in administering just the right type of coaching. This training cuts your learning curve dramatically.


RE Binders1. Coach as Lifeguard
How to Rescue Executives From the Lives They've Created.
The training you receive in this section enables you to revive your clients and throw a life preserver around the things they hold most dear... their families, their health, and their peace of mind.

2. Executive CPR
Resuscitating Your Clients with a Coaching Professional Rescue.
The Executive CPR training you acquire in these sessions provides you with the resources to restore and renew the rescued executive and begin living the life they always intended to live.

3. Coach as EMT
Increasing Revenues as an Executive Mastermind Technician.
It's been called with the "wonder drug" of Executive Coaching… the Mastermind. The EMT training you receive in this section provides you with the tools and techniques needed to truly rescue your clients for the long-term.

NOTE: Building a strong professional relationship with your clients is an ongoing process and one that grows increasingly significant over time. Based on experience, it is this type of meaningful bond that executives are reluctant to give up. As a result, most successful Executive Coaches enjoy ongoing, long-term coaching relationships that provide security and fulfillment for both parties.

"You speak with such conviction and certainty that your credibility is unquestioned. I am sure this helps those who have not been in 'the big chair' the opportunity to see from a new perspective. You convey courage when you implore us to join you to help save executives from the lives they have created for themselves.”

Virginia Williams
Nyon, Switzerland

Complete Coaching System
for Rescuing Executives

RE CD Cases

"Many of my own thoughts about coaching and leadership are in complete alignment with yours. In particular, the whole notion that the word 'coaching' does not really do justice to what in reality is carried out and required by the business executive today. "

Terry Tudor
Calgary Alberta Canada

All of the training manuals, CD-ROMS, executive interviews, private consultation, and monthly live support are designed to have you coaching executives and earning income before you complete the course.

The program includes extensive details on how to create the Executive Mastermind™. This is my proprietary system for creating extraordinary results for every executive client I coach. Now you can use the same secret weapon to garner respect and admiration from your clients.


Total time (01:48:03)


Coach As Lifeguard

How to Satisfy the #1 Executive Need
The majority of corporate professionals feel trapped in the executive suite. The number one desire of more than 83% of executives is to be rescued from the lives they've created.

Here's Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain from This Set of CDs...
  • Discover why hundreds of thousands of executives are drowning in their careers!

  • Examine the “points of pain” that are the barometers for high risk executives!

  • Unmask the hidden killers that are stalking your executive clients!

  • Pull back the curtain and examine the unspoken crisis in the business world.
  • Detect the warning signs and the cries for help from potential new clients!
  • Uncover how to put yourself into the minds of the executives you coach!
  • Discover how to help your clients find passion and purpose in an authentic life!

Total time (01:33:01)

Executive CPR

How to administer a successful
Coaching Professional Rescue.

Executives experience heart disease at 30X the rate of the rest of the population. Knowing just how to provide the correct coaching to this rare breed of professional is critical.

Here's Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain from This Set of CDs...
  • Discover the secret language of "executive speak."

  • Pump up your practice by reviving hope in even the toughest prospective clients.

  • Quickly uncover the fastest way for your clients to make vital changes that will save their relationships and their lives.

  • Go inside the head of an executive and learn how they think and what they’re likely to do next.

  • Administer proven CPR (Coaching Professional Rescue) techniques and watch your clients come back to life!

  • Learn the truth about 360° assessments and how to uncover the “Executives’ Disease.”

  • Gain access to the executive fast track and accelerate your earnings!

...Total time (01:46:49)


Coach as EMT

How to increase your earnings as an
Executive Mastermind Technician.

Saving and changing lives for the better requires immediate access to the right resources. The "wonder drug" of good executive coaching is creating an Executive Mastermind™.

Here's Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain from This Set of CDs...
  • Discover how to create an Executive Mastermind with your clients that will have them singing your praises.

  • Demonstrate tangible “return on investment” data to your clients and prospects.

  • Detect the telltale signs that determine if your clients can truly be rescued.

  • Show your clients how “giving back” can bring them more money and greater fulfillment.

  • Administer a “radical sabbatical” for your clients even while they work.

  • Uncover the hidden hurdles of executive rehabilitation and how healing + learning = increased earnings.

  • Discover the little-known ways to have your work with one person improve the lives of countless others!

" I work with a number of executives and you are providing great additional 'arrows for my quiver.' Thank you for sharing—so freely—your knowledge and expertise as we act as EMTs for not only executives but also ourselves."

Lynn Workman Nodland, Ph.D., PCC
Excelsior, Minnesota


Bonus CD-ROMs, Programs & Publications

The Rescued Executive multimedia program is designed to fully engage you in gaining all the knowledge you needquickly—to coach any executive in the rescue process. The content is streamlined and delivered in multiple formats to lock-in to your specific learning style.

To add to this intensive, condensed learning experience are interactive components and on-going support features. As part of this limited time introductory offer you receive more than $1,000.00 in bonuses.

These are not just incentives to encourage you to act on your goal of coaching executives. They are crucial elements for maximizing your learning and application of this comprehensive training program.

You will never really grow your coaching businessand your prosperity—if you don't apply what you learn in these bonus programs. Each of them have previously been sold separately for significant amounts of money. But you get them, with my compliments, if you're among the first to secure your copy of the Rescued Executivesystem.

Here's a brief look at each one in closer detail:


Drayton ColorPrivate Consultation
with Executive Mentor Coach, Drayton Boylston Value $750.00

This bonus is worth the investment in the program all by itself. The time you spend, one-on-one, with Drayton Boylston can change your life immeasurably. He has sat in the "big chair" of the corner office and knows—first hand—what executives are going through. He also knows what they want and need to survive and flourish.

You will enjoy a 30-minute FREE private consultation with Drayton. If you are an executive feel free to talk about your current situation and what you would like to see for yourself in the immediate future. If you are an Executive Coach you may want to use this time to explore how to best serve your clients and grow your practice. It's up to you.

Understandably, Drayton's private practice is full. He's not able to take on any new clients. With this execlusive bonus, however, your private consultation is your opportunity to be treated like a personal client of Drayton Boylston, one of the most sought-after and respected Executive Coaches in the world.


Inside Suite 125Inside the Executive Suite
Monthly Audio Newsletter
Value $199.00

This is your pre-paid 12-issue subscription to the inside scoop of what’s happening in executive boardrooms around the globe. Enjoy your reserved seat at the table and learn the secrets that are sure to catapult your career.

Each month, for the next year, you will receive email notification and a special link to listen to the current issue of Inside the Executive Suite. Here are just a few of the cutting-edge topics explored each month.The Enlightened Executive- What He/She Really Looks Like.

1. The Enlightened Executive-What He/She Really Looks Like.
2. Who's Suffering from the “Imposter Syndrome" and Why.
3. Emotional Intelligence: Why EQ is Out-Performing IQ.
4. Leadership “Points of Pain”and How to Gain from Them.
5. How to Build and Direct a Great Supporting Cast.
6. How“False Bravado”Undermines Your Power and Influence.
7. Managing by Values-Based Corporate Leadership.
8. The“Vacation Effect”and How to Use it Year-Round.
9. Balance and Harmony Are Not a Four-Letter Words.
10. Leading vs. Managing: Getting Results the Right Way.
11. Identifying and Surviving the “Corporate Vortex.”
12. Managing From Your Eulogy, Backwards.


UnScrooged Cover shadowComing UnScrooged!
by A. Drayton Boylston

A Contemporary Classic of Corporate
Rescue and Redemption
(download version)
Value: $14.95

Coming UnScrooged! is a page-turning parable comparing Dickens’ classic lead character to Ben Scrooge, a cold-hearted corporate executive culled straight from today’s headlines.

This insightful story provides a compelling wake up call for managers who know in their gut something is wrong, something is missing, something needs to be changed – but they’re too busy, exhausted, or locked-in-golden-handcuffs to take action.

As the spirits of the past, present and future emerge with opportunities to “look in the mirror,” readers will be inspired to reflect upon their own excesses and excuses, re-examine their priorities, and re-commit to a more values-based personal and professional life.

(while supplies last)


Rescued ChroniclesRescued Executive Chronicles
True Life Stories of Executives
and Their Rescues

Value $147.00

Listen to the true life stories of six high-powered executives. Hear—in their own words—what it was like at the moment they recognized they needed to be rescued and what they did next.

You'll learn six different strategies for drastically improving your client's lives, your own life, and the lives of those you love and serve.

Listen in on personal rescues from the corporate world as well as how a young leader saved himself and his entire company.

  1. Jeremy May
    COO, Mutual Funds Services Company – USA
  2. Barbara Halper
    Chief Operating Officer- Argus Realty Investors, LP – USA
  3. Richard Kraus
    Founder, Former CEO Echo Bay Mining – USA
  4. Virginia Williams
    Founder, Ventures Worldwide – Switzerland
  5. Jon Schutz
    Sales Executive, Medical Device Company – USA
  6. Andrew Stirrat
    Founder, Stirrat Associates – USA

Enjoy hearing from six individuals brave enough to bare their souls. Their goal in sharing their personal stories? So others can bypass the pain and frustration of living with the "executive's disease."

This 3-CD set is a must for any serious Executive Coach.

Join the Ranks of the
Top Coaches in the World

This is your opportunity to significantly raise the stakes in your coaching career. I challenge you to coach at the highest level of your capabilities. Use this system to cut your learning curve and begin rubbing shoulders with the clients you deserve. These executives deserve (need and want) your informed coaching much more than you can imagine.

Catapult yourself and your practice to a new level of professionalism.

Join the top 2% of coaches in the world earning six-figure incomes.

Influence and improve the lives of major decision makers.

The complete Rescued Executive multimedia program is priced at $997. This is the regular price of the program and it is worth much more. The program content and structure are designed so you can earn back your investment long before you finish the coursework.

Your first month coaching fee from your very first new executive client more than pays for the entire program.

Now, you have the blueprint to replicate your success and fill your practice with dynamic, high-achieving, well-paying executive clients.

Special Circumstances: Helping other coaches and mentors confidently serve the executive market is only part of my goal. My mission, quite frankly, is to save the lives of 1 million executives worldwide. There is a tremendous need to re-establish values-based corporate leadership across the globe.

I recognize I can't do this by myself. I need qualified and experienced coaches to be part of this ambitious enterprise. You don't have to officially join me but if you'll just consider doing so after completing this program I'll cut your investment in half to only $497. You don't have to let me know now, you can wait until after you've been through the program.

My Personal Guarantee

Test-Drive The Entire Program Risk Free
for 12 Full Months. If My Proven Executive
Coaching System Doesn't Earn Back
More Than Three Times Your Investment
I'll Pay You Your Money Back!

Look through the volume of materials. Listen to all the CDs. Sit in on the monthly conference calls. Learn valuable lessons from the real life rescues. Take advantage of your private consultation with me. Use it all.

If you personally don't feel this is absolutely the best move you've ever made to advance your coaching career and upgrade your lifestyle, just return the course and I will promptly issue you a full refund... your entire investment. And there's no pressure. You have a full year to decide.

I am 100% confident in making you this rock-solid guarantee. Why? Your first new client more than covers my personal promise. Neither one of us are at risk here. I am most excited about working together to rescue many, many more executives.

DraytonSig white
A. Drayton Boylston
Author, Mentor Coach and
Former Fortune 100 Executive


It’s Your Turn to Coach Executives
Toward the Lives They Really Want

Despite the headlines, most executives truly want to do good for their companies, their communities, and their families. And they need your help. Can you imagine shouldering all this responsibility and having to go it alone.

It's time to step up and make a real difference in the lives of your executive clients, their employees—and especially—their families. In the process you are earning a fantastic living and making your loved ones proud. Your friends and peers will certainly respect and admire the positive impact you are having on so many people.

Yes, I'm Ready to Rescue Executives!

  • I understand I receive the complete Rescued Executive system, including 340 pages of training materials and executive coaching resources.

  • I also receive more than 6 hours of CD-ROM tutorials that I can listen to at home, in my car, or on the run.

  • AND I automatically receive more than $1,000.00 in free bonuses, including a Private Consultation with Author and Mentor Coach, Drayton Boylston.
  • I have the opportunity to listen in on 6 full-length, true-to-life coaching rescues with six different executives whose lives were dramatically improved based on the principles of this trademarked system.

  • In addition, I will have my ongoing questions answered and be able to learn other executive coaching tips and strategies during the monthly, one-hour, call-in program. This is available to me for three months at no charge.
  • I will also have access to Inside the Executive Suite for an entire year. This gives me the inside scoop on what's happening in the world of executives and how I can better serve my clients.
  • PLUS, I also receive an advance copy of Drayton Boylston's forthcoming new book, Coming UnScrooged! A Contemporary Classic of Corporate Rescue and Redemption.

Please Rush Me the Entire
Rescued Executive
Program Now

By ordering today, I will only pay $997 $497 (save $500) for the complete Rescued Executive™ system, plus I receive ALL of the FREE bonuses (valued at more than $1,000.00)... a combined value of more than $1,500.00 if I order now.

I understand the Rescued Executive program comes with a full, 12-month money-back guarantee and I can receive a 100% refund anytime if I am not completely satisfied by simply returning the program.

Once my order is processed via your online secure form, my package will be rushed to me via UPS and I will receive a tracking number so I can track the course all the way to my door! 

100% Secure

Now is the time to rise to a new level of affluence and professionalism. My guess is that if you've read this far you have resonated with what I've shared with you.

You know this fulfills the very reasons you became a coach. The exciting part is you are a vital part of making the world a better place AND—with this method—you're doing it from the top down, not the bottom up.

Best wishes for incredible success in coaching executives. I look forward to talking with you personally!

  Carpe diem!
DraytonSig white
A. Drayton Boylston
Author & Mentor Coach
Founder, Rescue Institute - Boulder, Colorado USA

P.S. This offer is only available for a limited time. Be sure to secure your special pricing today (1/2 off) along with all your bonuses (worth more than $1,000.00), including the Rescued Executive Chronicles.

Remember, you're investing in this program with absolutely ZERO RISK and have nothing to lose. You have my promise and my personal guarantee.

"Thank you so much for sharing not only what you have learned and are now sharing with your clients, but for sharing your heart as well."

Karin Syren
Streamwood, Illinois

Tax Deductible In the USA, all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5). Please contact your tax consultant for further information.

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