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ICF Accredited for CCE Hours! We are proud to have earned the CCE (Continuing Coaching Education Provider) designation from ICF. Our CMEC Program qualifies for 15 Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEU).

hrci seal small50We are honored to have been Certified by SHRM’s HR Certification Institute. The CMEC has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit. Earn 15 hours of SHRM recertification credits!

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Andrew Stirrat

Your content was tight, concise and crisp. You provided a “hook” for next steps, held out the benefits to working with the Rescued Executive. You provide compelling examples. Finally, there was a sense of integrity and authenticity throughout the session. I was incredibly impressed with the feedback and take-aways from the participants. The sincerity and gratitude for what you provided them was palpable. You truly made a difference today in these peoples' lives.

Andrew Stirrat, President
Stirrat Associates

Judith Gabor

I feel truly blessed to have had you come into my life at this time. Your message and caring and work are truly inspirational.

Judith Gabor, PhD

Karen Burrows

Your class put the sealer on it. It was like a green light. What I have is yet another part of the executive puzzle. I am truly excited about being a part of your mission. Thank you for your conviction, your dynamism, and your willingness to be controversial.

Karen Burrows

Johanna Lund

You've got to be kidding... do we feel relieved, empowered and "permissioned?" You absolutely knocked my socks off. The answer is a very loud YES! Or maybe it should be AMEN, Brother! Thanks for the wonderful sessions, for your openness and willingness. My expectations have already been exceeded.

Johanna Lund

Carol Pedot

I left corporate after 30 years and found the definition of coaching to be very limiting. You put words to my questions. I am following your philosophy and find it to be much more beneficial to my clients.

Carol Pedot

Andrew Grant

The information you have given has been EXCELLENT, in that you are willing to share the essence of what has been the key components in your success as a coach and also as an executive. It's great that someone like you is making a difference in the coaching community on so many levels.

Andrew Grant

Lynn Workman Nodland

I would greatly enjoy and consider it an honor “standing shoulder to shoulder” with you and working to make a difference in the world. Your passion, your heart and your authenticity come through in your virtual presence. I look forward to getting to know you better and to learning more about the Executive Coaching University. Helping millions of execs will not only help them change to be more healthy in body, mind and spirit but this endeavor will also create the ripple effect so many others are also helped. To be able to do this as part of your team is my dream.

Lynn Workman Nodland, Ph.D., PCC

Joanne M. Susi

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. You are an excellent facilitator, so authentic and engaging. It was a pleasure listening to you. You are a wealth of information and I know the participants are getting great value!

Joanne M. Susi, CTACC
President, 3 Point Living, LLC

Ellyn S. Traub,

I was skeptical at first — I have taken many coaching classes and they were mainly fluff. I can tell that you truly want to help us succeed in coaching executives.


Ellyn S. Traub, MS, CPBA, CPVA,
Six Sigma Green Belt

Joan Vasconcellos

I love your enthusiastic, inspired and purpose driven approach! It is so important to remind ourselves that we ARE changing the world one employee, person and soul at a time. To know I am "on purpose" with my career is divine. To be reminded of it is a gift!

Joan Vasconcellos, CPCC

Richard Kraus

Boylston's CEO Scrooge character is visited by spirits who unmask him and force Scrooge to examine the consequences of his destructive self-absorbed life. The stark realization of the person he had become so frighten him it evoked a painful epiphany and a desperate plea for a chance at redemption. "Un-Scrooged" challenges each of us to see the truth about our own lives, take heed before it's to late, and set about acting with authenticity with our deeply rooted values, beliefs and aspirations. The book's message is clear, our lives are better when others feel inspired by our values and benefit from our actions, both big and small.”

“The self-absorbed CEO Scrooge character is a compelling example of why corporate America is faced with a crisis of trust. We need leaders who inspire us not harm us with their behavior. "Un-Scrooged" challenges each of us to examine the the course of our lives and set things right before it's too late. The book's message is clear, our lives are better when others feel inspired by our values and benefit from our actions, both big and small.

Richard Kraus
Founder and former CEO Echo Bay Mining

Kathleen A. Bowersox

Great class! Really helpful in designing a structure for the coaching process. I can truly see how this is going to speak well to exactly what organizations are looking for and value.

Kathleen A. Bowersox, M.Ed., LPC
Executive, Career, & Business Coach

Barbara Waugh

“Move over The Paradox of Success and Synchronicity for a third volume in the slow growth and precious repertoire of alpha-male recovery literature. On that next flight from here to there, take along Coming Unscrooged and ponder your own deepest questions about just what you're up to with your family, your job, your company and our world.”

Barbara Waugh, Ph.D. SVP, Director, University Relations
Hewlett-Packard Company

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