Mindfulness should no longer be considered a "nice to have" for executives. It's a "must have."

~Harvard Business Review

Are you ready to build leaders that can lead the rapidly changing workforce? Mindfulness is the critical piece of leadership that can make a huge difference in your organization and your people.This powerful onsite workshop will provide dramatic, proven benefits to all attendees, as well as your entire organization.


 It has been our privilege to train thousands of professionals in 39 countries- and growing.

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Neuroscience-based Mindfulness Training is a critical skill that every leader needs

  • The business world is abuzz about mindfulness. The hype is backed by hard science. Hundreds of studies have proven its effectiveness.
  • Meditators demonstrate superior performance on tests of self-regulation, resisting distractions, and making correct answers.
  • Mindfulness can literally change your brain. Meditators have more gray matter in the frontal cortex, which is associated with executive decision-making.

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This four hour, on-site workshop, will help create more thoughtful, productive, and capable leaders. Leaders who can lead the rapidly evolving workforce of the future.                    

Quick Overview: 

  • Length: Half day format (4 hours).
  • Location: Training is on site at your location or a mutually agreed upon off-site venue (which is preferred).
  • Up to 30 participants per workshop (no minimum).
  • Participants become Certified Mindful Leaders™
  • Investment: $9,500 + travel expenses at cost, (payable two weeks in advance of the workshop).

Workplace mindfulness-based interventions can slash stress by up to 40%.

~Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

How Mindfulness Benefits Organizations: Meditation = Money!

Increased productivity

Greater clarity and focus

Increased employee loyalty

Decreased absenteeism due to illness

Reduced healthcare and insurance costs

“We reduced our healthcare costs by 7% using meditation and yoga.”

~Mark Bertolini, Aetna CEO

Hear Marc explain why Aetna is investing in Mindfulness Training

How Mindfulness Makes Better Leaders 

Improved self-management

Greater productivity and creativity

Higher level of self-awareness

Increased energy levels

Better perspective

Mindfulness Reduces Stress


Stress and low engagement levels cost U.S. businesses $326 Billion a year.

85% of all illness is stress related.

Healthcare professionals estimate that 40% of people have an addiction issue.

60 hour work weeks have become the norm.

Would you believe…

That you can become:

A better leader

A better person



In ten minutes a day?

CEOs who meditate

Bill George – Medtronic

Ray Dalio – Bridgewater Associates

Rupert Murdoch – News Corp.

Bob Shapiro – Monsanto

Arianna Huffington – Huffington Post

Jeff Weiner – LinkedIn

Tim Cook – Apple

Mark Bertolini – Aetna

Mark Benioff – Salesforce.com

John Mackey – Whole Foods

Evan Williams – Twitter

Bill Ford – Ford Motor Company

Big Companies That Promote Meditation

McKinsey and Co.

Deutsche Bank

Proctor and Gamble



General Mills



Prentice Hall

AOL Time Warner



What Meditation Isn’t


Woo woo

Time consuming


Meditation – What’s In It For Me?

Heightened self-awareness

Better decision-making

More creativity

Less stress

Sounder sleep

More peacefulness

Greater compassion

Better focus

Increased productivity



Mindfulness Tools You Will Learn

What Mindful Leadership looks like in action.

How to communicate more mindfully.

Ways to show up in service to others.

Techniques to cure multitasking and email madness.

Neuroscience strategies that can be employed in seconds.

The compelling reasons to shift current ways of leading.

How to related to the millennials in your workforce.

Techniques to heighten focus and productivity.

How to hold mindful meetings.

And many other tools… such as: electronic boundaries, walking meetings, and the power of nature.

Why Train With Us?

  • We are widely regarded as the Global Leader in Executive Coaching and Mindfulness/Neuroscience Training.
  • We have trained thousands of Executives, Managers, and HR Professionals, in 39 countries.
  • Our program was created by a former CEO and Fortune 100 Executive.
  • We demystify mindfulness and meditation and teach people how to use it for personal development in the business world.
  • Our tools and methodologies are based on tried and true business practices.
  • We have a proprietary mindfulness process, which is business centric.
  • We focus on the ROI of training and real business outcomes.
  • We hone in on business “points of pain”– such as turnover and absenteeism, due to stress.
  • We use business terms and tools which are specifically made for the corporate environment.
  • We provide you with every tool you need to succeed in implementing our mindfulness process.

Some of the fine organizations we have served

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  • Certification as a Mindful Leader™.
  • Gain valuable insight about yourself while learning to use that knowledge to help others progress.
  • Learn the details of what meditation really entails and how it can help organizations.
  • Obtain skills needed to create a coaching environment that will help decrease absenteeism and turnover, while promoting employee engagement.

Your Workshop Leader

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A. Drayton Boylston – CEO, Executive Coaching University

Former CEO and Fortune 100 Executive. Bestselling author of four books, including his most recent, Woo-Woo Meets Wall StreetThe inner work that will rock your outer world

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We are proud that we have programs that have been approved by the ICF, SHRM, and CIPD

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Listen to what Donald Burns had to say about the Executive Coaching University
Donald Burns, CMEC

Great program today!  I can truly see how this is going to speak well to exactly what organizations are looking for and value. Thank you!
~Kathleen A. Bowersox, M.Ed., LPC Executive, Career, & Business Coach

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