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The Executive Coaching University Blog

The Executive Coaching University Blog

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The Executive Coaching University

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One important aspect of setting personal boundaries is knowing what you don’t want, but also knowing what you DO want. It isn’t enough to only know what you don’t want... that’s the easy part. The challenge is to see the other side of that coin and determine what it is that you DO want, with enough specifics to provide guidance but not so many as to be rigid and inflexible about the ways in which…
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 16:12

Know Thyself to Set Healthy Boundaries

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As many of us have likely experienced, especially if we were raised in any kind of dysfunctional family system (which many—if not all—of us were), our boundaries can be violated by another person and leave us confused and reeling without necessarily understanding why. Oftentimes this leads to blaming other people for our emotions, which are not their responsibility, just like their emotions are not our responsibility. This is actually detrimental to our growth and evolution…
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We teach people outside of ourselves how to treat us through setting and enforcing personal boundaries. On a subconscious level, this also teaches us that we have worth and are willing to fight for ourselves, which shows us that we love ourselves and feel worthy and valued. Whether we’re doing this on a conscious or subconscious level doesn’t matter; we are always doing it. However, once we learn about this practice and decide to go…
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Sometimes we’re faced with life circumstances that may just seem like a string of bad luck or a series of unfortunate events. In this case, there may not be anyone to blame and there may not even be anyone to take responsibility for what’s happening; not without taking on responsibility that isn’t even their own. If this is the case, it can seem like life is out to get you, you may feel like you’re…
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