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Fostering a Healthy Sense of Teamwork, Respect, and Creativity

Monday, 22 May 2017 06:58 Written by 

The success of a team depends largely on its ability to work as a cohesive whole rather than just individual parts. However, the way in which these parts are put together and which jobs or tasks they are each assigned can play a huge role in whether a team functions well or not. Fostering a sense of teamwork, respect, and creativity can mean that you have to put in a bit of work, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Here are seven ways to foster teamwork, respect, and creativity.


It all begins with teamwork. That teamwork begins with you fostering an environment that encourages teamwork, so here are a few ways in which you can begin to do this.


7 Ways to Foster Teamwork, Respect, and Creativity


1.      Get to know your employees on an individual basis. Not only will this build trust, but it will also establish you as the leader and the go-to person in case of problems. Your employees will respect and trust you more once this has been established, so even if they don’t necessarily trust or like each other, they will respect your wishes anyway and cooperate.


2.      Establish some ground rules. Employees should all know who is in charge of what and whom they should go to in order to report any kind of conflict. Establishing a system for conflicts before they happen will help smooth out the resolution process. This will establish trust, preparedness, and allow employees to relax a little bit because they know there’s a plan in place.


3.      Build the team outside of work. No, this doesn’t mean mandatory office parties on personal time or other personally infringing demands. Rather, think of ways to get the team out of the office during work hours for a fresh perspective and some change of scenery. This could be a picnic lunch outing, a day trip somewhere, or a catered brunch event.


4.      Define your team’s mission. This will offer everyone a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and be closely involved in a planning phase, building a sense of unity and respect. Creative input is another strength here, so all areas can begin to shine with an exercise like this.


5.      Play to people’s natural strengths and talents. This in and of itself communicates so much about you as a leader and about the team as a whole. Hone your ability to recognize talents and strengths in others, and utilize their skills during projects at work. Your team will know that you appreciate and respect their skills, and they’ll feel wonderful being able to use their talents to contribute on a deeper level.


6.      Focus on clear communication. The best way to strengthen your team is by communicating honestly and concisely. Everyone should know who is in charge of what, what their roles or tasks are, and whom they can turn to for guidance. This ensures that your team feels respected and trusted.


7.      Be compassionate but fair. You may come upon challenging situations in your time as a leader, and the important thing to remember is to use your best judgment but be compassionate and fair. Kindness doesn’t mean weakness, and being compassionate in all situations will foster respect and caring toward you from your team.


I hope this helps you and your team to begin fostering a healthy, strong, and happy workplace environment. Incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily work routine could greatly improve the entire environment, so if you and your employees can, make time for 10 minutes once or twice a day to sit and meditate. It could work wonders on many fronts.


No matter what, continue leading mindfully and learning as you go. That's all we can do, isn't it?



For more information on the Mindfulness Movement and mindful leadership, please visit:



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