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Are You a 1%-er?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 18:33 Written by  A. Drayton Boylston
Whisper 284

Are you really clear about what you want?

  • Have you made a list?
  • Have you set goals?
  • Have you visualized your desires as being achieved already?

Thought so…

The odds were with me on this one.

You see…

  • Only 3% of people set goals.


And, it gets better…

  • Only 1% review their goals daily.


And the percentage of people who actually visualize achieving their goals?

Smaller than my mind can grasp (that means I couldn’t find research to back up any number).    ;-)


What!,” you say?

It’s true…

Think about it for a moment…

If you actually crystallize your goals,

Then write them down,

Then visualize achieving them each day…

Guess what?

You will be at the top of the class!

You will do what most others don’t!

And, most importantly…

You will achieve all that you want!

And it starts with…

  • Thinking the thoughts.
  • Writing the thoughts down.
  • “Seeing” the thoughts coming true.

You can carve out 5 minutes each day in order to achieve your dreams, right?

Thought so.

I just knew that you wanted to be a 1%-er!

I can “see” your desires coming true already…

This program will help you become a 1%-er!

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