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How Coaching Can Save Your Career

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 17:06 Written by  Greg Styles
I had a wonderful conversation with one of my new clients (currently at the mid-manager level) the other day about what he needed to do to take that next step, evolve from mid-management to the upper echelons of his corporation.

He was very frustrated, feeling- “I have done everything they have asked of me!  I know the product inside and out...but they keep passing me by!”

While this individual had mastered the technical aspects of his job, and of those he managed, he was consistently passed over for promotion consideration.  Know anyone like that?

Here’s the rub – my client is excellent at being a technocrat, but his interpersonal and leadership skills require much attention – thus the reason he was referred to me!

My client needs to incorporate the following skills to take that next step. Maybe you do too…

  • · Active interest in what others have to say.
  • · Active listening (and looking – reading body language) for understanding.
  • · “Hovering Attention” – being able to pay attention to what is being said while also tracking the process of what isn’t being said.
  • · Creating solutions cooperatively.
  • · Increased comfort with the “crucial conversations” – understanding the transformational power of these interactions.
  • · Using the “velvet whip” when needed to accelerate and reinforce accountability.
  • · See oneself (and revel in it!) as one who facilitates the human growth of all those around you – not as a taskmaster.

Take a look at the most influential mentors and leaders you have had in your life and/or career.  I would wager they demonstrated each of the above and more.

These are all skills world class coaches possess and utilize to help others achieve their highest levels of self – production, expression, satisfaction, etc.

These are also the skills all world class leaders possess and utilize to inspire others and bring their vision to the world.

Ask yourself “Do I possess these skills?  Do those around me see me as a world class leader?”

If not, what are you waiting for – to lose out on another promotion like my client? 

No more excuses – get trained in coaching skills…now! See your career opportunities explode!

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